Saturday, February 2, 2013

Coupon Partners has been newly added as our newest coupon partner.

Going forward, our customers can find all our active deals and their personal coupon codes on and new coupons on -
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

More and More Payment Options on

Purchasing from is more easier and faster now. has included Amex and JCB card options other than pre-existing Visa, Masters and Diners, under which anyone can pay the desired amount from any country at any part of the world.

A Closer Look at Security

As far as the US JCB card has restricted membership available only for American citizens it represents sensible and reliable way for Americans to deposit their accounts and enjoy the chosen internet hazard adventure. It goes without saying that credit card personal information is not shared or sold to third force. It is effectively protected by team of experts who evaluated necessary software and made all the arrangements.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Smart Indian Merchants are Adopting Simpler Solutions

Last week I met with one of the largest book store in Hyderabad; they have been doing business since last 60 years and is pretty much set with the existing model of business through their multiple retails stores across Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

All I asked them that whether they are prepared to meet the challenges of upcoming business models and the answer was that they are not sure! All they have tried is to put their catalogues online on Facebook and ask buyers to order from the catalogue and did not see lot of business this way. However they are willing to improve their online presence and not sure what is needed to improve this.

I went to their Facebook page and found a comment "how can i buy from you online?" and the answer was that they ask buyers to transfer cash to their account online including shipping and then they ship the items. They also said that they have no bandwidth to invest in creating their own payment page or integrate with some payment gateway. However they perceive that a page creation is simple but a page alone does not deliver the value.

I just demonstrated how works, he could create the same content which was simple and it delivered the value when the buyer could immediately see the item details and make a purchase. Now this is simplicity what we promised to every merchant partners who faces a similar challenge. One need not always hire an expert to build his own shopping cart or setup a payment gateway as this would be a complete overhead in todays competitive market. The infrastructure needed for setting up an online store itself will be so complex that a medium business house would need several people and managers time to maintain the same which would defocus them from the core business.

The store owner was smart enough to make the quick decision as this would help him be ready for future with no big investment. They decided to upload their entire inventory within a month.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - simplifying business in land of entrepreneurs

On a day in 2007, I was reading through a daily paper where I came to know how lizzat papad was started by the Gujarati women in Mumbai, I realized that even if there is a small capital, Indians can really dream big and are driven by an irresistible desire to convert their dreams to reality. I started talking to small scale business promoters and traders and started learning about their market strategy and how they plan for converting every opportunity to a business.

Henceforth, I continued meeting ordinary people, who are trying to achieve big successes through their vision, innovative business ideas and the will to achieve. I found most of them being able to get success in their local market easily and is at a juncture where they are constantly trying to find ways to expand their market to other part of the state, country and even to the world. Here I realized, that even if our country underwent a massive technology upgradation, most of the small medium business houses and entrepreneurs are not able to utilize the support from the advanced technologies because of the complexity of technology and not able to reach their potential customers beyond their local market.

Here is a juncture where I realized that there is a huge demand of a vehicle which can help bridge the gap between the small medium business and their potential customers around the country and abroad. Here is a classic example - everyone needs shoes but very few people would like to go to Agra to get a pair of good shoes, or the manufacturer of shoes at Agra can reach entire country. Lot of new International brands flooded metros and big cities to sell shoes; however they are 400% the cost of shoes which are easily available on the streets of Agra and of better quality. A good shoe is hard to find unless you visit the shop of Agra or you buy from the best brands at 400% cost.

Here is when the conceptualization of started as a vehicle that can provide a store to each of these small players and reach their commodities to potential buyers residing beyond their local market. It also sparked the thought of ensuring quality of product at core and delivering the value of money to the buyer. got defined as a "responsible market" where every seller is contractually bound to deliver quality product before opening their store. The sellers are audited periodic basis to ensure that the quality of product is at par with defined market standard. also ensure that buyers voice is heard for each and every purchase they make and communicated to sellers. By 2011 end, it was time for getting out for delivering the service when we roped in small medium businesses and merchants who has 100% CSR rating in their existing channels and markets. They were also evaluated in their ability to timely respond to order request and then provided store. What we found is that most of the entrepreneurs we selected are extremely passionate about building their business and they wanted this service to help them bridge their gap with customers. became live in July 2012 and since then started delivering what it promised to be a "responsible market". Till date none of the potential customers/buyers has any complains against the sellers or the service. Overall, there are hundreds of users visiting salesinn every day and none had returned being unhappy about their purchase or about the quality of service. Salesinn continues simplifying business, and help building bridges in the land of entrepeneurs.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Customer Satisfaction - Our Definition believes in -
Customer Satisfaction which is driven through
Simplicity and
Quality has been establishing the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction in e-tailing business by following the 4Cs -

Care: pays highest attention to all the pre and post-purchase buyer activities to facilitate both immediate transactions and long term buyer-seller relationships. Care is reflected in the attention to detail in order to ensure that there is no breakdown in service, and the concern that it shows in promptly resolving to any queries or prioritization requests.

Convenience: provides the ultimate convenience to buyers as well as sellers by keeping the platform simple, intuitive, and user friendly. On top of simplicity, delivers easiest and quickest accessibility of store and product information and 100% secure transaction process.

Community: pays great importance to provide updates through its virtual community where existing and potential customers can subscribe and be abreast of latest products and changes. In this community, facilitates the exchange of opinions and information regarding offered products and services.

Contact: cultivates a permission based customers list who receives relevant updates on recent products and incentives in order to extend the breadth and depth of their purchases over time.

One-stop For Online Stores

Creating one online store is not so simple, and when one think of a platform where multiple online stores can be hosted, the entire story becomes more complex. That is why has been so unique in today's e-tailing world.

On one way, is the platform which standardizes the payment service and ensures 100% secure payment, priority delivery, followup with buyers and sellers to ensure quickest closure of transaction and thus benefitting the buyers and sellers with 100% satisfaction for both. On other way, takes away the worry of sellers for server management, inventory management, payment gateway integration, security of payment and entire marketing effort.

Though stands as a platform, still it is a tailormade solution for sellers as every seller gets their own unique store on this platform. For example, shoeadda provides their entire range of products on their unique store Shoeadda also offers their own coupon codes for providing discount to their customers. ensures that Buyers remain 100% satisfied, collect their feedback for continuing on improving efficiency and effectiveness. also ensures that Buyers keep on coming back for more by providing them with complementary coupons for next time purchases.